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Business Telecommunications and Business IT solutions Combined

As times have changed, we saw convergence in various areas. From being a business IT and network services company, we eventually grew to include complete communications services.

Our team combines years of experience in business telecommunications and business IT solutions on each project. We specialize in all aspects of our client’s business technology including, network and cloud management needs, internet connectivity, voice communications services, conferencing, faxing, desktop and server support, data backup, software management and mobile communications.

Because ours is a combination of two interconnected halves, a business IT and a business communications company, you can expect nothing but reliable business IT solutions and business telecommunications services under one roof without any of the finger pointing that can occur between vendor and carrier.


Randy Hill


Randy’s Accomplishments at CSUCI helped the newly formed CSU campus to be recognized as the most technologically advanced California state university at the turn of the century. It is here where Randy saw the potential to bring enterprise level technologies to small and medium companies by equipping them with the tools necessary to compete with larger corporations.
In 2001, Randy co-founded Integrated Network Solutions, LLC which provided technology and IT managers to dozens of customers across Southern California. In July of 2005, Randy formed a Sage Network Inc. which further expands his vision to provide customers with “sage” answers, top notch customer service, and real solutions for their IT manager needs.

Rick Minyard


Rick Minyard is a 15-year telecommunications veteran. His career spans multiple eras in this rapidly changing field. He has designed networks and telephony systems for businesses from the smallest offices to hundreds of users in multiple offices in multiple states. He was among the early experts in the Hosted IP PBX field, designing systems for business clients, utilizing a practical, client needs-based approach. In his prior position, he transformed his company from a simple Centrex reseller to a modern, technically progressive leader in VoIP design and implementation, more than doubling annual revenues in the process. The recognition that future telecommunications service providers must be expert network engineers lead Rick to partner with Randy Hill and Sage Network. Together, Sage Network & Communication was born, and is providing a complete communications and network design and support solution for its business clients. As always, superior customer service is at the heart of the company.

Fully Staffed Technical Support

Sage Network & Communications goes above and beyond being a business communications company.