Voice Solutions

Voice Solutions

Sever your ties from old school phone networks, and use savvy business voice solutions such as Digital Voice & Video (VoIP) to call directly from an on-premise IP-PBX or similar VoIP-enabled device or application. Why pay the monthly recurring charges associated with distinct voice and data network services when you can realize significant and immediate savings by running voice as an application on your existing data network? Our Business voice solutions offers a simple alternative to your traditional approach. Simplify with our business voice solutions!

World Wide Web

Internet Access

With the ability to provide Internet Access speeds from 1.5 Mbps to 1 Gbps, Sage Network & Communications will evaluate the needs of your organization and offer the best solutions that are within your budget and best meet your needs for reliable, fast access to the Internet. As a CLEC, Sage is able to design and implement voice and data circuits, often times without any upfront costs.  Our offerings are ideal for businesses whose reliance on the Internet is mission-critical, experiencing 99.99% uptime targets. Couple this proven reliability with extremely reasonable prices and your business has found the perfect solution for your internet access needs.

Cloud Solution

Cloud Solutions

In today’s business environment internet, data and voice can be integrated with other cloud storage solutions such as back-up and storage, applications, email and more. Without a smooth interconnection between these three, businesses cannot function. It’s no wonder that these elements have converged into a single application and given way to cloud-based management. With the Sage Communications Hosted IP PBX or VoIP for Business, we offer affordable, flexible and reliable business communication solutions. Not only can data and voice share the same connection, voice is converted to data and carried over a managed private network or the internet, or often a combination of both. Learn more about cloud storage solutions and VoIP features. (read more)

Computer Network

Network Services

When your server, desktop computer, or networked appliances aren’t working properly or have stopped working altogether, whom do you call? With Sage, you have access to IT professionals at your fingertips. We provide a full range of  network services to ensure your computers, servers, and network are running efficiently and we can proactively monitor and manage the environment so that downtime can be predicted and minimized.

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