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Sage Communications’ is deploying the most advanced and scalable bandwidth available today known as fiber optic cable. Fiber optic cables use light signals that are not only as fast as light, but less susceptible to interference than traditional copper or cable connections.
Since fiber does not radiate electromagnetic energy, data cannot be intercepted making fiber the most secure medium for carrying sensitive data. If your business requires high speed, secure transmission over long distances, it’s time to consider fiber optic cable as your data solution.

Fast Ethernet – EoC

With the introduction of VoIP, the aging copper-based networks have become less and less utilized, creating an abundance of copper. As this infrastructure is abandoned the copper is being repurposed as Ethernet over Copper at speeds ranging from 1.0 to 45 Mbps. Priced considerably lower than T1 or bonded T1 service, it is also much easier to upgrade. Previously only available in larger metropolitan areas, it is now available in many areas of the US. If your business requires big bandwidth at a reasonable price, call us today to see if your business address qualifies for EoC.

4G – Internet Continuity

Sage Network & Communication offers our customers the fastest available mobile internet experience. Having that 4G LTE link ensures that you have up to 20Mbps of Internet access. Internet continuity with 4G is a premises-based solution with intelligence between the Internet router and the failover device. Since Sage Network & Communications proactively monitors all of our routers, we sense Internet disruption and the designated traffic is re-routed over the secondary 4G LTE path. When the primary Internet circuit is working normally, the traffic is automatically routed back.

Fixed Wireless

Sage Network & Communications now offers ClearFiber™ Ultra, delivering up to 1GBPS connectivity! ClearFiber™ has  revolutionized and redefined microwave technology, covering more territory in Southern California than any other single provider. We can go beyond copper, fiber and even T1, providing an ultra low latency 99.999% uptime solution with high bandwidth.

Our network is built with redundancy at every level and fiber optic connectivity to the tower. Unaffected by weather or any other disturbance, our ClearFiber™ network has recorded a higher uptime and faster time to repair over the last 3 years than any other delivery technology.

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