Network Access

With our business network management, computers, servers, and network work in harmony! Our team will assist you every step of the way!

Business Network Management

When your computer or networked appliances aren’t working properly or have stopped working altogether, who do you call? We offer business IT network management to ensure your computers, servers, and network are running efficiently. Furthermore, we can proactively monitor and manage the environment so that downtime can be predicted and minimized. We can also provide installation and maintenance of new hardware and software, administer/manage user permissions and security settings, as well as update systems with patch management, virus and spyware protection and spam control. Discover how business IT network management can turn your business around!

Server Management

Your servers house all of your applications and data and are therefore critical to your business. That is why you need professionals who are experts when it comes to installation and server management, including CPU, memory, and disk space. Servers have a variety of proactive maintenance requirements including security system patches, as well as performance tuning and data backup to ensure that they are at peak performance at all times. Our specialists have years of experience with Microsoft Small Business Exchange Servers as well as other areas of server management.

Virtualization — You’ve heard of ‘the cloud’ and using technology to streamline and reduce expenses… Virtualization is the process by which a computer or server can be virtualized versus an actual physical device. Operating systems, disk drives and storage can be virtualized. SageComm, Inc. can help you identify if your company would benefit from virtualization and to determine the best way to manage it.


When your desktop or network is experiencing a problem, Sage will troubleshoot to pinpoint the exact location of the problem and create a quick solution. At Sage, we realize that our ability to quickly pinpoint and resolve a problem is critical to your business and that’s why we have IT and telecom professionals that have the expertise you can depend on.

Computer Network Design

Our network professionals can plan and design a new network infrastructure or just the integration of upgrades to existing networks. We can provide everything from computer network layout, naming, routing management, to security information, redundancy recommendations, and network topology. Planning for network efficiency is a top priority for Sage. Allowing for the appropriate appliances to ensure that users have the access and bandwidth they need to do their job effectively without having to worry about the technology behind the advanced telecommunications solution is our specialty. Let Sage provide the network support for all your network design needs!


Sage Communications Network Support and Services can provide installations and setup of complete Wi-Fi networks. These allow mobile users to connect to a network using wireless devices e.g. laptops, mobile PDA devices etc. whether in your office or not. This allows you to provide Wi-Fi access for sales and other employees that may not have an office or in your storefront. This also allows customers to have access to your Wi-Fi, connecting them to the Internet thus allowing them to spend more time at your location. Sage Communications Network Support and IT Services division can help you figure out the best way to utilize the latest in wireless and Wi-Fi technology.

Desktop and Network Security

Is your data protected from hackers? Can you afford to lose your most valuable assets? Implement appropriate measures to avoid data breaches!

Facility Design & Layout

Whether you are relocating your business, remodeling your offices, or planning a move to a brand new building, Sage Communications can help with the facility design and layout. Our professionals will ensure that your office has all of the connections it needs, where you need them, without having the unsightly show of cables and wires running everywhere.

Network Security

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Does your network have a Firewall? Do you understand the importance of a Firewall in ensuring that only people you want to have access to your network have access? At Sage we can install and maintain a Firewall (either a hardware or software solution) that protects the entry point of your network and enforces security policies to protect your internal Local Area Network (LAN).

computer protection

Virus Protection

Are your computers protected from harmful files? Virus protection comes in the form of software that protects networks and computer systems from harmful files or attachments. Virus protection can protect against Worms, Trojans and Malware. We monitor and use the most up-to-date applications.

spam securitiy

Spam Protection

Do you have a hard time filtering through to the important emails because there is so much ‘junk’ mail? Spam protection is provided by software that can identify potential spam and then be trained to recognize the type of email you want to receive and the emails you don’t.

Voice & Desktop Cabling

Cabling for voice and data services from Sage Communications include our experience with installing a wide variety of cable products and services for today’s complex communications needs. These products and services include:


  • All Cabling National Electrical Code Certified
  • Category 6 Data grade cable – for voice and data (500 MHZ)
  • Fiber Optic
  • Category 5E Data Grade cable (250/350 MHZ)
  • Intrabuilding Cabling (Horizontal & Vertical)
  • Server Racks & Blocks Installation
  • Public Address Systems
  • Exist Cable Line Testing Available
  • Other cable types are supported upon request

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