Automatically route calls to your best available agent

Automatic Call Distribution

When your calls need to be routed to the correct department and to the first available person, time does matter.  At Sage we offer simplified, intuitive solutions built to support the world’s largest brands by planning Automated Call Distribution (ACD) routes for your customers to the best agent to help them.


Customer calls your company and is greeted by an Interactive Voice Recording (IVR)


The caller is presented with choices, and selects the desired department (such as sales, support, or marketing).


Call is routed to an available agent in the chosen department, or placed in the call queue.


The caller waits in the queue for the next available agent in the appropriate department.

ACD Features

Skills-Based Routing

Ensure calls are directed to the most knowledgeable agent resource.

Agent Time Allowance

Give the agent time to complete notes, update the client file as needed before directing more calls to them.

Distribution Algorithms

Select the next agent for call delivery based on factors including agent queue time, minimum calls handled, highest volume thresholds, lease- occupied distribution, & round-robin distribution.

Multiple Call Queues

ACDs allow companies to have multiple waiting queues. For instance, there can be different waiting queues for different departments, different teams of agents or different numbers that the caller dialed.

Conditional Routing

Make context-based, time-of-day routing decisions that anticipate the varying conditions within your customer service center.

Queue Callback Routing

Allow customers to receive an agent callback when they reach the front of the queue rather than waiting on hold.

7 Benefits of ACD

  1. Sound and Smooth Call Routing:
    ACD increases the efficiency and productivity of the agents. It captures the caller’s phone number and area code, and based on IVR system configurations and agent availability, it routes the call.
  2. Immediate Response:
    ACD increases customer satisfaction. During high call volume phase, callers can opt for call back option, and VIP callers are routed to the assigned contact center agents without any delay.
  3. Streamlined Operating Environment:
    Integration with CRM and other communication platforms, the entire team can view all the past communications and history of the customer on a single interface which is easy to update.
  4. Increased Agent Productivity:
    With the help of an ACD, call center agents will have access to the caller’s information before answering the call, helping them to have meaningful discussion that leads to customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  5. Reduced Call Center Costs:
    With ACD, transferring a call to the most appropriate agent will improve the chance of first call resolution, reducing the time taken to answer a call and hence reduce cost-per-call of the call center.
  6. Resource Optimization:
    With efficient routing of incoming calls, agents can use their expertise in solving the specific problem types. ACD acquires total number of calls, time spent on each call, waiting time, etc., enabling managers to assess KPIs and optimize resources more effectively.
  7. Improved Customer Satisfaction:
    Routing caller to an agent who is best suited to handle his query is what the customer needs today. The option to receive an agent call back reduces their pain of waiting in the queue. Pre-built messages are sent to callers with estimated wait times and agent availability.
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