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Let Sage Communications provide your internet access.

Which Internet services are best for your business?

Businesses today are more reliant on dependable internet connections than ever before.

Sage works with our clients to perform no-cost evaluations of the best options for both primary and secondary internet connections at each of your locations. As Circuits come up for renewal, you can proceed confidently knowing what your options are and Sage will work with you every step of the way from ordering and provisioning of the circuits, to implementing the new circuits and configuring auto-failover, or active-active with both the primary and secondary internet connections.

As a CLEC, Sage is able to be your single point of contact for all your internet connection needs from beginning to end including sales, customer support, billing and technical support.

Having a single point of contact for internet connections, IT Support and VoIP makes your life simpler by not having to manage multiple entities and finger pointing troubleshooting the connectivity or degraded performance or call quality when these issues arise.

Choose the speed & type of connection

When evaluating internet connection options for our clients, Sage takes into account the importance of internet access to the location and budget. With these in mind, we are looking for the best options available in terms of speed, reliability and cost. Many times we are able to provide faster and/or redundant connections for lower cost than the services currently in place.

Circuit types available vary by location and range from dedicated fiber, nondedicated business fiber, Coax, fixed wireless and 5G.

Key to our clients’ success is ensuring the circuits are configured optimally with auto-failover or preferably active-active so that you are able to utilize both circuits at all times and route traffic to prioritize business critical applications over lesser important needs (e.g., Guest WiFi).


Sage Communications deploys the most advanced, scalable bandwidth available today using fiber optic cable. Fiber optic cables use light signals that are not only as fast as light, but less susceptible to interference than traditional copper or cable connections.

Fixed Wireless

Sage Network & Communications offers ClearFiber™ Ultra, delivering up to 1GBPS connectivity! Our network is unaffected by weather or any other disturbance, and has recorded a higher uptime and faster time to repair over the last 3 years than any other delivery technology.

SDWAN and MPLS-based WAN Service

Delivering private secure connectivity to enable customers to easily connect and communicate efficiently between each geographically diverse office location as part of a single network.

How to Succeed When Connectivity Fails

When your business-critical systems rely on Internet connectivity, any network disruption can impact your company in lost revenue, productivity, and customer loyalty. No single Internet connection can deliver 100% uptime. So, it isn’t a matter of if your business will lose Internet connectivity, but when and how will you protect your business from disruption.

Careful selection of a failover solution is critical, as not all failover solutions include the same set of capabilities. To help you make a sound decision, Sage can provide guidance on the critical considerations you need to make when evaluating failover connectivity options.

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